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We create the trade of the future


Future of Retail is a merchant platform for suppliers and retailers. We focus on creating a connection and full transparency between businesses in a safe and secure platform.


Free up capital

We use our experience, tools and services to support the reseller’s balance sheet, which usually consists mostly of bank or supplier-financed inventory. Without that high capital tied up in inventories, Future of Retail allows for increased liquidity.

Increased security

With Future of Retail Consignment, a supplier always has a separation right in the inventory simultaneously as the sales proceeds are secured via the Future of Retail Payment System. The reporting is standardized, no matter how many retailers are connected, decreasing risk exposure.


Future of Retail Partner Portal provides suppliers with real-time stock levels information at its retailers. Valuable time can be saved if you can see the stock status at the retailers and prepare in advance for new orders.

We create the trade of the future

Right product

The ability to seamlessly connect suppliers and retailers on the go

Right time

Synchronizing every element in the supplier and retailer chain towards the best service to the end customer

Customer satisfaction

Your product is always at hand to your consumers

Merchant platform

Future of Retail merchant platform offers you an automated payment and information system under an associated agreement package.


Of all invoices in the trade are not paid on time

Payment System

The payment system is a digital-based regulated e-money system, which also makes it a perfect solution for ecommerce platforms. The system builds an account structure that handles payments in real-time. It’s integrated into the distributor’s cash register or financial system that processes all transactions: sales, deliveries, and returns. The system is also crucial to conform to the law in Future of Retail Consignment.


Consumers in Sweden choose not to wait to order an item if it is out of stock


Future of Retail provides merchants with real-time inventory, which helps both suppliers and resellers to be able to directly adapt to increasing demand, budgeting, and forecasting using this valuable tool.


Of the time spent in trade on administration versus sales promotion activities


Future of Retail certifies both the supplier and the retailer under its platform. The certification shows the distributor and business system’s qualification and defines the information and method through which products will be delivered. The certification is an essential process that ensures that all legal factors required for the trading are met. Future of Retail also ensures that the distributor has sufficient insurance whenever an inventory is to be made.

A retailer's purchasing behavior is governed by liquidity. That is, you lose focus on the product itself and instead you focus on capital tied up.

Ola Levin

Future of retail CEO

Products and services

In response to customer demands, Future of Retail offers different products to its customers and the outcomes show great success within the short run. We are incredibly delighted and proud that we push your products to have an average of:

Products and services

In response to customer demands, Future of Retail offers different products to its customers and the outcomes show great success within the short run. We are incredibly delighted and proud that we push your products to have an average of:

75% increase in net profit


90% released capital invested



Consignment is a financial service that allows a supplier to have an external warehouse using the Future of Retail merchant platform and payment system. This product is a perfect choice for those retailers who want to maximize their product range and expand without upfront costs.

A Account

An A Account makes the payment process more secure for suppliers, as it ensures the invoice payments through the Future of Retail payment system when goods are sold. With the A account, the amount goes directly to the supplier.


Future of Retail Finance offers inventory financing to affiliated suppliers and its resellers. Future of Retail stimulates and increases the flow of goods, creating room for external funding to both start-ups and established businesses.

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Our system provides affiliated suppliers with real-time sales information and inventory.

Our independent system is integrated with the reseller's cash register or financial system, such as Hogia, Nutid, or Boxnet, for example. Both ecommerce platforms and brick and mortar merchants can benefit from from the all around elements of the system. As a supplier, you can always log in to download statistics or order documents at any time through our partner portal.

Advantages of the system

  • A

    Inventory control

    Future of Retail provides affiliated suppliers with real-time inventory at the retailers.

  • B


    The supplier uses the real-time information as support in providing resellers with optimal purchase and sales service.

  • C

    Re-order points

    Staple and backlog goods often have a higher margin. We support suppliers to make sure these goods are always well represented at the retailers.

  • D

    Financial management

    The information obtained from our merchant platform is formatted and presented based on the supplier’s request. As a supplier, you’ll get a detailed overview of the flow of goods, and you can also measure the efficiency of the value chain.

  • E

    Marketing activities

    A direct response from the market to suppliers allows for accurate targeted marketing campaigns and activities.

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  • Lars Haglund


    "We use Future of Retail’s products and services and it helps us in our expansion and in starting up new franchise stores."

  • Anders Lerman

    Udéns Sport

    “Financing our large inventories stores on our own would have been impossible, but thanks to Future of Retail’s offer of in-store warehouses we were able to achieve it."

  • Staffan Hede


    “Managing inventories has always been a big challenge to my business. Now with Future of Retail, my inventories are taken care of without stress."

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